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What sets us apart from our competitors?


  • Is it our prices? No.

  • Is it our equipment? No, however we do use high quality, professional sound and lighting systems.


Then what is it? It is our personalized, professional service and our staff.


We realize this is your wedding day. We want the reception to be about you, not us. We will bring you different ideas as to how we can help you make your reception unique to your taste and style. We will meet with you in advance to get to know you both and what you are interested in. We will listen to your likes and dislikes.


Don't let your wedding day stress you out. When you work with us, everything falls into place. We will make sure that everything is flowing along so your guests are not becoming bored.


Entrust your wedding entertainment to the wedding specialists who care.

Start planning your amazing wedding today. Call now:

Call or Text: 1.513.549.3535    Fax: 1.877.524.1101
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